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In a world with hundreds of applicants for each job, ApplicantsPlus allows individuals to standout with a professional and engaging profile.

Standout Veteran Job Applicant


  • Simple Profile Page

    Create a profile page quickly and easily. This is where you can upload your portfolio, create a cover video, and describe the type of position you are searching for

  • Differentiate Yourself

    The ApplicantsPlus tools let you showcase yourself and make a lasting impression on employers. Finally, a chance to stand out from the crowd!

  • More Transparency

    Provide important information like social media links, relevant skills, and even interests that make your application more personal. Hiring managers appreciate having all of your information on one platform!

Sample Profile Resume for Veteran Applicant
Sample Profile Resume for Veteran Applicant


  • Represent Yourself with More than Just a Resume

    Did an employer ask for a resume/cover letter combo? Go the extra mile and include your personal ApplicantsPlus profile link and prove you're the right candidate.

  • Showcase Your Skills

    Show potential employers why you are a great fit. Let your professionalism differentiate you from the sea of generic resumes.

  • Easily Create A Personal Brand

    As a Veteran, we know you are more than just a resume. Encompass your brand on one platform ensuring employers see you for who you are.


  • Video Cover Letter

    For tips on how to create a great video cover letter click here

  • Find Your Next Job

    Companies are adding new positions to our job board daily.
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  • Start Promoting Yourself Immediately

    Reach out to any and all contacts with your new personally branded profile to look for opportunities and to network.

Sample Job Postings for Veteran Applicant